Sciatic Nerve Pain as a result of Lumbar Disc Herniation.

The American Journal of Neuroradiology published results of medical study which suggests Ozone Therapy is one of the best treatments for Sciatica caused by Lumbar Disc Herniation. Ozone works where many other treatments fail due to its ability to shrink the herniated disc which in turn, relieves nerve pressure. Furthermore, Ozone provides an analgesic for pain relief and is a natural anti-inflammatory.   Ozone Therapy is recommended as a safe and effective alternative to surgery. For more details visit  More information can be found at

Ozone Therapy a better alternative to Cortisone Injections.

The Department of Neurology conducted a randomised controlled clinical study which confirmed that ozone injections are more effective then steroid injections (like Cortisone) in the treatment of Sciatic Nerve Pain. The medical evidence shows Ozone Therapy while offering rapid pain relief, also provides a better long term solution for sufferers of Sciatica and other Nerve Pain. You can find the full report at    Also refer to this study for more information

Ozone Therapy an effective alternative to Disc surgery (Diskectomy).

The following Science Daily article discusses how Ozone Therapy is set to become a more popular mainstream option to surgery in the treatment of herniated discs. Traditionally surgery was recommended as the ‘last resort’ in the treatment of severely herniated discs, however surgery is not without it’s potential risks. The increasing popularity of Ozone is a result of it’s safe, minimally invasive yet highly effective ability to both rapidly reduce pain and provide a longer term solution.  Find the full article at

Further Sources of Medical Research