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Edward Dulitsky

Edward Dulitsky is an Regenerative Clinician, Holistic Doctor and a pioneer of Regenerative Cosmetic Medicine, Xenon therapy and Ozone Therapy in Australia.  Edward has extensive training and experience all over the world. In his earlier work, Edward was trained by a Tibetan monk in Traditional Chinese Medicine. After graduating from medical school, Dr Dulitsky integrated his training in Traditional Therapies with the latest scientific discoveries in the field of Regenerative Therapies and Anti-aging Medicine. Together, Edward and Valentyna focus on providing a safe, effective, drug and surgery free alternative to pain relief. They bring their knowledge, passion and experience to Australia to provide healing and relief for their many chronic pain sufferers.

 In Australia Dr. Dulitsky is registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulations Agency Reg # CMR0001739676*.  He is not a registered Medical Practitioner in Australia because his specialization does not exist in Australia.


Valentyna Fadyeyeva

[MBBS (RU); Advanced Dip. in Complementary Medicine (UA); Sport Medicine and Manual Therapy (UA)]

Valentyna has worked extensively throughout the world including Australia, Russia and Germany. She is passionate about providing clients relief from debilitating back pain and has dedicated decades to refining her treatment.  Valentyna’s belief is that optimal back health can be achieved without aggressive spinal manipulation. Her unique method of gentle structural alignment, Advanced Structural Alignment, is the foundation of our treatment.***

* Please check disclaimer in "our method"
*** Personal Experience during and after the treatment can vary from person to person


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