The challenge of Nerve Pain Treatment.

We have dedicated the past 20 years to the treatment and study of all forms of Nerve Pain including Sciatica and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  Our main difference is that we correct the underlying cause not just the pain. We are experts in dealing with nerve pain and can provide a solution that really works.   Our revolutionary new treatment - Ozone Regenerative Therapy – will provide rapid pain relief without the need for invasive surgery.

Nerve Pain Treatment without surgery?

Previously surgery has been the most effective way to treat the more severe cases of Nerve Pain. What if we told you there was now an alternative to surgery?  That you could get real, long lasting results – without the cost, downtime or side-effects associated with surgery?  Our revolutionary method achieves amazing results due to our unique approach. We not only relieve the pain, we treat the underlying cause of Nerve Pain. What this means for you is a longer lasting, effective solution to your pain.

Nerve Pain Medication.

Pain relief medication can help you get back on your feet, in some cases, even the strongest pain relief is not enough.  Long-term use of pain medication is not ideal for the body’s overall health.

Prevent Recurring Pain.

What makes our method so effective is we treat both the pain and the underlying cause. We offer a long term solution - not a quick fix - by helping your body protect itself against recurring Nerve Pain.  

Our Method.

Our Clinic are the experts in rapid pain relief. We use a revolutionary treatment called Ozone Regenerative Therapy to treat all forms of Nerve Pain.